upside down

by mailbox society



released June 29, 2017



all rights reserved


mailbox society New York, New York

gabe b.
teenage artist living the good life; of low quality music and daydreams

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Track Name: a friend of mine
got an evergreen tshirt
with a light blue button down
and calm red socks
your black vans you wear in town

you got a paperclip in your pocket
your journal full of pictures
of those you love
you carry yourself with a mixture
of love and anxiety

today went well and
someone told me we should date
they said they ship it like fed-ex
and i found that funny but i relate

your dark brown eyes see into
my heart, and i love when you look at me
when you think i don't notice
and we should just .. be

remember the day we matched
our clothes, and someone asked if we were dating
well, he asked again, but
i hope this friendship isn't fading

what am i to do
oh, what am i to do
Track Name: g-d is a witch
my insides are made of basil
and marjoram
my limbs are made of

my heart is a tiny burlap bag
filled with stones
not unhappy stones
but crystals of many positive things

celestite, and jade
meaning peace and dreams
rose quartz, and amethyst
meaning love and luck

in my head is
a crumpled piece of paper
with the name of who i love
and surrounded by cotton

stitched over my heart
is a crescent moon
and the hebrew word ahava
meaning love

my outsides are a milky white fabric
from an old t-shirt
how soft and securely stitched
by hand by g-d
Track Name: here we are
you are so sweet
and i know you feel like
you're rotting
but i'm always here

and heart shaped glasses
i find that my heart is
gold, even though
my hands may be cold

underneath a blanket fort
over my bed
i am so cosy, but alone
i wish you were here with me

i am so distant
and i feel like i'm
just a star, so far away
but you're always here

in my desolate mind
it's always sunny
yet somehow
it's raining

and heart shaped glasses
i find that my heart is
gold, even though
my hands may be cold

i doubt myself
but things keep going on
you're still here for me
sitting underneath your fruit tree
Track Name: it is what it is
i didn't notice
what you had to say
sometimes i wonder
if i should stay

i didn't notice
that your heart is broken
sometimes i wonder
if my nightmares are here again

i didn't notice
why you weren't here today
sometimes i wonder
if i'd be better away

i didn't notice
that my dreams were all about you
sometimes i wonder
if i'm about to

and cry
like my past is recurring
like it's happening all over again
i don't know what to do
i don't know if its true
do you love me
even for what i've been through

i didn't notice

i didn't notice
that you had a question
sometimes i wonder
is it me just disocciating

i didn't notice
that you wanted me to stay
sometimes i wonder
if you're interested in me that way